Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk (Model:7800)

Netgear Corporation Inc. registered in Las Vegas providing different variety of innovative machines as networking solutions to various businesses, shopkeepers and household customers has given the customers once again a new widely designed wireless router for those who crave and value for high constant speed of wireless connection with continuos and variety of devices. Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk (Model:7800) is the best and ideal networking solution for online high speed gaming rangers.  Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk not only gives out high speed & strong wireless connection but also for mobile(160Mhz capable) users this router can deliver up to literally twice the speed if compared to any usual router of any brand in the international market.

Australian customers are liking this netgear networking product because it has given them a very reliable and strong connection, being it a little windy in Australia comparatively with other countries,  Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk has not let them down. This router is a very reasonable , appreciable and great choice if your family loves playing online HD games and streaming 4K videos from Network Associated Storage. Getting a breakneck pace with a wireless router comes to a lot of restrictions with the Internet Service Provider but  Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk has proven this theory wrong in many cases where its giving out 0% limitations through ISP modem machine if connected. This has made  Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk win lot of awards like International Consumer Electronics Inc. 2016 Fastest speed networking product , Readers Choice most durable wireless product etc. These awards are earned by the makers of  Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk who very well equipped this machine with electronic industry leading features , advanced quad-stream architecture for 2.4Ghz and 5.0 Ghz which obviously helped the router to win so many hearts with its durability and reliability if compared to any other wireless networking product in the existing international market.