Netgear AC3200 X6 Nighthawk

Netgear which stands for networking gears has launched the newest wireless router in its so called “Netgear Nighthawk Family” right after introducing 802.11ac 1900 Nighthawk which was a last fall for Netgear Corporation. The original nighthawk machines which claims to have better range on the wireless & impressive networking speed. Netgear AC3200 X6 is new in market and is ready to change the aura of networking wireless devices. Netgear AC3200 X6 design , features and properties are not just made for gaming customers but it will also concur the most of the use in house networks with simultaneous multiples online users.

According to Sandeep Harpalani ( Current Marketing Director of Netgear Corporation ) with the survey which was conducted by Netgear itself claims: 20% out of all population to have at least 9 devices connected to their wireless home used routers. Netgear corporation tends to increase such wireless home networking devices in next two years most probably with the same pace they have on right now. This is one of the reason why this Netgear AC3200 X6 comes under the Next-Genration category and this is the second one of those same kind. And such incredibly growing audience will be served better with this Netgear AC3200 X6 and its new technology of having a first Tri-Bandwidth router.

X6 with its dual core processor built inside and lightest material used for antennas makes the signal go faster and stronger both at the same time with different connections connected to the same Netgear AC3200 X6. It’s Tri-Band technology is new in market and has a very basic yet effective way of giving out performance on multiple user level which is specially designed for gaming audience and big households living in Australia. Its demand increases day by day and the firmware inside makes the customers life even easier to configure and setup all the radio type signals with Tri-Band.

Netgear Tri-Band Routing