How to Reduce Netgear Wireless Network Traffic?

It is important to choose the right wireless channels because your choice has a significant effect on network performance. As a user, you should aim to select settings that avoid hindrance from other networking and radio frequency equipment. Yes, that’s crucial because your equipment uses the 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless networking standard. In the following article, our Netgear Customer Support experts give you steps to reduce Netgear wireless network traffic.

Before we give away the steps or tips to reduce wireless network traffic, let’s us first know the steps to adjust your channel selection under below circumstances:

The Situations

  • If you are facing interference (that can be experienced by slow data transfers or complete connection lost)
  • In case you want to enhance your wireless coverage
  • You have multiple people in your vicinity using a wireless network
  • You use several access points, which needs you to use different channels on the devices

Let us now understand the steps to reduce wireless network traffic by our Netgear support professionals.

Reducing Wireless Network Traffic

Interferences results in weak or poor network performance. Hence apart from reducing noise, users can even limit the amount of network data being transmitted.

In a noisy environment, it may be helpful to keep part of your network wired. If Ethernet cabling isn’t an option,you can choose NETGEAR’s Powerline products, which use existing home electricity wiring instead of patch cables.

When your network name (SSID) is broadcast, it is simple for equipment to look for and pick the strongest signal. Nevertheless, this too causes network overhead. Like we said, if your SSID is broadcast, your neighbour’s equipment might keep a log of it and try to connect several times in a second automatically. Their this attempt or act can result in significant performance reduction. If a network is nearby, turn off SSID broadcast and change the default SSID.

Netgear technical support technicians does not suggest turning off WEP or WPA, because switching it ON can increase network throughput. It can also expose your network to intruders/hackers. Therefore we don’t recommend it, except for testing.

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