How To Protect Your Belkin Wi-Fi Router From Hacking

The digital age has been a blessing for millions of mobile phone and computer users on a global level. Internet has become a necessity in both private as well as business life for many purposes. Wireless internet routers are the best offering of this digital age, users can easily connect with their loved ones and complete their business or college reports in less time. This is why a number of brands offer the latest-technology of Wireless routers to its business and home-based consumers.

However, with the increase in cybercrime it has become important to keep your office or home wireless network safe from any unauthorized access. We at the Belkin Support have been providing the best technical assistance to keep your internet router safe from any cyberattack. Our experts work day and night to offer you the best support for resolving any issue interrupting the safe working of your Belkin Wi-Fi router.


The Belkin Router Support have the best solutions for resolving any issue interrupting with the safety of your wireless router. We have come up with some best tips to ensure a smooth and safe access via your Belkin router. Kindly follow the guidelines below.

  • Turn Off The UPnP

Universal Plug and Play Protocol (UPnP) helps to establish connection with devices within a range where your internet router can be detected. Belkin Customer Support recommend that you switch off this function to keep your router safe from any cybercriminal or hacker.

  • Install VPN

The professionals at the Belkin Technical Support recommend that you install a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your Belkin Wi-Fi router. The VPN works by keeping your router location anonymous along with a firewall to protect the network traffic. It is a better option than the default router management program.

  • Enable The WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Security

If you intend on giving your wireless router the best security against cyberattacks, then it is better to activate the WPA2 security. It will provide complete encryption to the system as well as the internet router.

  • Create Strong SSID

We at the Belkin Support recommend that you change the username and password for your Belkin router. Do not use the default password provided by the router manufacturer as it is too easy to guess.

Our team of professionals at the Belkin Customer Support has the right tools to help resolve any issue affecting your Belkin router. You can easily connect with the highly trained and skilled Belkin Support experts via toll-free number at +61-1800-987-893.