How to setup bridge mode on Netgear router

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Netgear has become the top player when it comes to manufacturing and marketing quality networking products. The plethora of networking products from Netgear includes networking switches as well as wired and wireless internet routers. The company has been catering to the needs of both business and home owners with its world-class products which are manufactured using top software and hardware. Every Netgear router comes with a feature known as the bridge mode which provides a

How to Secure a Linksys Router – Know Here!

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Setting up security for Linksys router can help you secure your network from hackers and malware, save your bandwidth which otherwise anybody can use, prevent illegal activity over your network and safeguard your private and confidential information.Security breach is the biggest issue of this digital era. You need to be very careful with your online activity. Linksys router support team helps you overcome all security issues at the most competitive price. How do I

How to Reduce Netgear Wireless Network Traffic?

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It is important to choose the right wireless channels because your choice has significant effect on network performance. As a user you should aim to select settings that avoid hindrance from other networking and radio frequency equipment. Yes, that’s crucial because your equipment uses the 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless networking standard. In the following article, our Netgear technical support experts give you steps to reduce Netgear wireless network traffic.

The digital age has been a blessing for millions of mobile phone and computer users on a global level. Internet has become a necessity in both private as well as business life for many purposes. Wireless internet routers are the best offering of this digital age, users can easily connect with their loved ones and complete their business or college reports in less time. This is why a number of brands offer the

D-Link is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing company. It has been credited with producing some of the leading network connection technology for its business and home-based customers. D-Link has a wide plethora of products under its umbrella namely network switches, firewalls, wireless devices, and digital home services among others.

If you are looking to purchase a router for your home or office needs, the D-Link Cloud Router is the best

Wi-Fi Range Extenders are the best add-on if you want to increase the range of your wireless network. If you are looking to extend the reach of your wireless network, whether it is for your office or home network, the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender is the best option for you. A number of first-time and some experienced users have a few doubts about the Netgear Wi-Fi range extender. In this blog, our highly

How to Connect to your Home Router as an Administrator?

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Admin access to your router isn’t everyday affair. It is required only when you need to take care of a network-wide issue or make alterations to your network. It is needed in instances like when you wish to set up port forwarding rules, configure firmware updates and several others.

It is important to note that you cannot access the router as an administrator unless you know

In this article Netgear tech support professionals has given the instructions for Mac OS,  Mac OS X 10.6 and above, Windows Vista/Windows 7,  Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 etc.   On Mac OS:

  1. Open up System Preferences > Network > Airport  > Configure
  2. Pick the network you need and click

In this article we list down the steps to securely access a USB hard drive that is been connected to your Netgear router remotely. To prevent unauthorized access to your connected USB HDD, NETGEAR recommends using one or more of the options below to secure your USB HDD:

Option 1: Use password access for HTTPS/FTP (via the Internet):

Netgear tech support professionals give you the simple and quick-to-follow

Netgear has been credited with providing consumers with some of the best network connection devices. The company has catered to the needs of both individuals and business owners by providing state-of-the-class technology. Every product manufactured by the company passes the highest quality testing before being put on the shelf. Netgear network connection devices consist of network switches, network storage devices as well as wired and wireless routers and modems. Those new

Netgear has been releasing regular updates for its routers and modems to provide complete online security to its users. Apart from providing the best products to both individuals and business owners, the company provides updates to keep the firmware upgraded as per latest technology. Netgear also has one of the most effective customer care unit known as Netgear customer support to take care of any issue effecting the performance of any

Netgear Router Internet Connectivity Issue Netgear is the top-most American company known worldwide for delivering top-of-the-line products to both private individuals and businesses. The company has been known for offering internet routers and network storage devices which offer unmatched performance both quality and performance wise. Netgear products work on the best technology including LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Netgear products offer seamless wired and wireless connection that enable networking, broadband access and

Netgear has become a name synonymous with the company that provides high-quality internet routers to ensure a seamless connection to the web world. Now individuals and businesses can share their data and enjoy their digital life without any worry. Netgear has made it possible for everyone to connect to the internet via their smartphones, tablet or personal computer. One of the best services offered by Netgear is the customer care unit known as

Netgear routers are the first choice for anyone when it comes to enjoying a trouble-free web browsing session. The company has been accredited with providing some of the best products and services that allow users to share data both personal and business. Apart from this, Netgear also offers the best after-sales service to both new and existing customers; the Netgear Router Support Number Why should a customer choose Netgear Router? Apart

Netgear Router Setup

Netgear is a name worth mentioning when it comes to buying a reliable internet router or modem. The company has been offering seamless internet connectivity to consumers world-wide for both business and private use. Netgear follows the principle of top-quality manufacturing and combines it with state-of-the-art technology to bring the best internet connectivity devices. Routers manufactured by Netgear offer trouble-free web experience to users. However, those who have

ex6200_vertical_hero This article by Netgear tech support provides information on how to configure the EX6200 to your Netgear Wifi router using an Ethernet connection. Below are the recommended steps.

  1. Place the extender close to the Wi-Fi router.

*Note: In a later step in this procedure, after you have established a connection to

Wireless Scheduler is a feature present in Linksys Smart Wireless router which will let you schedule when your wireless network will turn on or off. This is a great way to easily manage your network. For example, you can turn off your wireless network during day when you go to your workplace when no one is at home. You can schedule it to turn the wireless network back on when you return to

jnr1010This router model is created in a way to connect to a cable modem supplied by your cable ISP, and offer wired and wireless internet access to several devices in the home environment. In case you are Netgear JNR1010 wireless router is not getting connected to the internet, follow the below troubleshooting steps by Netgear tech support professionals.

    With the exciting new features and varied new range of speedy routers, were you enjoy less lag and less buffering we end up purchasing a new router. Though, we always have a question in our mind as to what do we do with the old router? Well, it is indeed a great idea to use your old router efficiently as a repeater even if you have a new router. Setting up a new repeater greatly assists in

    Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk (Model:7800)

    Netgear Corporation Inc. registered in Las Vegas providing different variety of innovative machines as networking solutions to various businesses, shopkeepers and household customers has given the customers once again a new widely designed wireless router for those who crave and value for high constant speed of wireless connection with continuos and variety of devices. Netgear AC2600 X4S Nighthawk (Model:7800) is the best and ideal networking solution for online high speed gaming

    After the password, the most commonly forgotten thing is admin password. Users generally make this mistake and then look for D-Link tech support assistance.   While there are many D-Link tech support professionals online, they charge exorbitantly; sometimes the charges are not worth the service offered.   But not all third parties D-Link tech support company cheat people. Icognix, the top rated

    Router Support Australia

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    How Router Tech Support beneficial to Users?

    Routers becomes an essential part of our live which connects more than one device to different networks at one specific time. Usually a wireless routers founds beneficial especially for the business environment. Using a wireless router device it has strong features and having excellent functions. More important, even a tiny nuisance can spoil your router device if you not getting router technical support in a real time.