How to setup bridge mode on Netgear router

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Netgear has become the top player when it comes to manufacturing and marketing quality networking products. The plethora of networking products from Netgear includes networking switches as well as wired and wireless internet routers. The company has been catering to the needs of both business and homeowners with its world-class products which are manufactured using top software and hardware.& setup bridge mode on Netgear router Every Netgear router comes with a feature known as the

How to Secure a Linksys Router – Know Here!

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Setting up security for Linksys router can help you secure your network from hackers and malware, save your bandwidth which otherwise anybody can use, prevent illegal activity over your network and safeguard your private and confidential information. The security breach is the biggest issue of this digital era. You need to be very careful with your online activity. Linksys Support team helps you overcome all security issues at the most competitive price. How do I

How to Reduce Netgear Wireless Network Traffic?

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It is important to choose the right wireless channels because your choice has a significant effect on network performance. As a user, you should aim to select settings that avoid hindrance from other networking and radio frequency equipment. Yes, that’s crucial because your equipment uses the 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless networking standard. In the following article, our Netgear Customer Support experts give you steps to reduce Netgear wireless network traffic. Before we give away the
The digital age has been a blessing for millions of mobile phone and computer users on a global level. The Internet has become a necessity in both private as well as business life for many purposes. Wireless internet routers are the best offering of this digital age, users can easily connect with their loved ones and complete their business or college reports in less time. This is why a number of brands offer the latest-technology
D-Link is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing company. It has been credited with producing some of the leading network connection technology for its business and home-based customers. D-Link has a wide plethora of products under its umbrella namely network switches, firewalls, wireless devices, and digital home services among others. If you are looking to purchase a router for your home or office needs, the D-Link Cloud Router is the best option. We at the