How to reset the forgotten admin password of D-Link Router

After the password, the most commonly forgotten thing is admin password. Users generally make this mistake and then look for D-Link Support Australia assistance.

While there are many D-Link Tech Support professionals online, they charge exorbitantly; sometimes the charges are not worth the service offered.

But not all third parties D-Link Support companies cheat people. Icognix, the top-rated tech support provider offers the most affordable support assistance. They have certified professionals that are available for your help 24×7.

In this article, the experts share step-by-step guidance to reset forgotten admin passwords.

Recovering D-Link Router Admin Password

How to reset the forgotten admin password of D-Link Router - D-link Support

We all tend to forget passwords, but with little smartness, we can avoid this situation. Note down the password at the safest place in a way that nobody knows that it’s your router password. Read below to know how to reset admin password.

If you forget your Web configuration password, you’re stuck: you have no way to change any settings on your router. Your only recourse is to use a paperclip or other pointy object to reset your router to its factory settings. With the paper clip, hold down the tiny reset button on the back of your router for about five seconds. Your router lights will blink to confirm the factory reset. You can now use the router’s default password to log into its Web configuration screen (look in your router manual if you can’t remember what this is). Once you’re in, be sure to change this password to something unique.

In case, if the issue persists, contact D-Link Support Number Australia @ 1 800 987 893. The D-Link Technical Support professionals can be reached through web chat or email support. Contact us today and get rid of all your technical issues related to D-Link router.

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